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Company: born in Carpi as a line from the work and passion of a group of young discoverers of fashion trends.

The brand has its own dynamic and exclusive style in constant search for renewal for a constantly evolving female world. The garments of the collection are held together by a thin thread that binds both the models, the colors and the volumes in order to respond to that part of femininity that wants to be recognized for an extremely refined and authentic look.

The Momoda woman is a perfect mix of Street Style and elegance, she moves between everyday life “on office”, travels to big cities, to the theater, to the museum or to social events. She is a woman who uses lace to be sensual, cady to define shapes, satin because it gives it femininity, loves to be wrapped in the warmth of cashmere without ever losing sight of its strong personality.

Philosophy: Respecting the MADE IN ITALY manufacturing tradition. Momoda takes care of the detail of its garments in particular as an expression of the past.